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You'll clean your plate, but you won't have to wash it! We know that your time is precious and food is an essential part of your life. We are committed to fitting your needs and ensuring that you are eating well for a healthy life.

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We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your needs and expectations. You can browse our menus, get nutritional information, see our catering guide, how we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint, and even buy meal plans or Tiger Bucks. Use the tabs at the top of our page to navigate your way around. We hope you enjoy your dining experience while on campus, and if there's anything that you'd like to see us do, please let us know.

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Eating Made Easy

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In order to ensure we are offering new and appetizing options in our dining hall we have continuous monotony breakers. We have specialty Try Mes every day, Limited Time Offer once a month and also dining events twice a month to bring a little variety. Each of these, combined with our daily changing menu, you'll never get bored!
Special Events
Special events are held on campus twice a month in our dining hall. Some examples are Cinco de Mayo, March Madness, Midnight Breakfast and Tailgate Late just to name a few. Because it's just not an event if it's not centered around food.
Dining Promos
Create Your Own... Everyone has different tastes and preferences, so whether it's an omelet, nacho bar or pasta, we promote creating your food the way you want it.

Friday May 5th all Retail Locations Closes at 2:00 pm


May 8th - May 11th we will operate on brunch and dinner schedule 


May 12th - May 20th Retail and Residential will be closed 


May 21st - Residential opens for dinner meal (5pm-8pm) and will remain on regular Residential hours for the remainder of the summer 


Regular Residential Hours 


Mon - Fri - Breakfast 7am- 9am

                  Lunch- 11am -2pm 

                  Dinner- 5pm-8pm 


Sat-Sun      Brunch- 10:30am-1pm

                  Dinner- 4:30pm-6pm